[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"onattack site link policy

Mark Gallagher m.g.gallagher at student.canberra.edu.au
Mon Jul 9 11:13:51 UTC 2007

G'day Adrian,

> Daniel R. Tobias schrieb:
>> KamrynMatika seems possibly to have been run off in this way now.. at least, she's blanked 
>> out her user and talk pages and hasn't made any appearance in a couple of days, after 
>> getting into conflict with the "draconian-link-ban" people.
> Dan, please don't take this the wrong way, but KamrynMatika's 245 
> mainspace edits are rather negligible compared to the tens of thousands 
> of edits the most attacked Wikipedians have contributed. If protecting 
> several of our more prolific editors from attacks means that some fairly 
> new users get disgruntled (which I do not quite understand in the first 
> place), then, well, that's an acceptable price to pay.

As one of the more prolific editors[0], and someone who has commented 
repeatedly on the phenomenon of uppity newbies, I feel quite 
well-qualified to say: that's a load of bollocks, Adrian.

Being around for a long time, contributing, proving dedication to the 
project, attaining Clue, all gain you a certain status.  There is, 
however, a difference between respecting old-timers and using that 
respect as an obstacle against new-timers.

So Kamryn's a newbie (apparently).  Heck, she may even be utterly 
Clueless and someone who would innocently irk me several times a day if 
the opportunity arose.  So what?

Since when did treating her fairly stop being important?

[0] Well, only 9 000 edits.  But given that I'm not a goldfarmer, I'm
     sure my 9 000 required more hard work and dedication than many newer
     editors' 40 000 did ...

Mark Gallagher
"'Yes, sir,' said Jeeves in a low, cold voice, as if he had been bitten 
in the leg by a personal friend."
- P G Wodehouse, /Carry On, Jeeves/

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