[WikiEN-l] Don't template the newbies either

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 07:24:46 UTC 2007

On 09/07/07, Todd Allen <toddmallen at gmail.com> wrote:
> David Gerard wrote:

> > http://www.webhostingreport.net/blog/archives/2007/07/08/wikipediaorg-on-its-way-to-become-a-second-dmoz/
> > It's from a search engine spammer, but the point stands. Templating is
> > not only insulting to the regulars, it's insulting to all recipients.
> > How about some RFA opposes: "Too much templating, no conversation."
> > That should get the goldfarmers off the templating kick.

> A spammer (who indicated in that post an intent to spam some more) feels
> insulted by getting told to knock it off? Terrible thing, terrible
> thing. Most websites block linkspammers on sight without notice or
> appeal. Warning linkspammers and vandals at all is nicer treatment then
> they'd get most anywhere.

As I noted :-) However, templated responses when you could, um, type
some text are indeed insulting to all. And, more to the point,
ineffective - no spammer thinks *they* could be spamming.

- d.

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