[WikiEN-l] My favorite Wikipedia article ever

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 8 06:22:06 UTC 2007

Rob wrote:
> On 7/7/07, Bryan Derksen <bryan.derksen at shaw.ca> wrote:
>> One of my old favorites is up for deletion right now, for the fourth
>> time, and looks likely to go the way of the dodo this time around.
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimus_Prime_%28person%29>. Just in time
>> for the release of the new Transformers movie, too.
>> It was heavily referenced, non-controversial, and a fun little piece of
>> trivia. I really don't understand why some editors feel the need to get
>> rid of such stuff. There are days that Wikipedia makes me depressed.
> Why can't it be heavily referenced, non-controversial, fun little
> piece of trivia in the article for the character?  Why do we need an
> article just for him or for every fun little piece of trivia someone
> comes across?

At various points in history it _has_ been, but [[Optimus Prime]] is a
very large article. Very large articles tend to be split into
sub-articles like this.

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