[WikiEN-l] My favorite Wikipedia article ever

Anthony wikimail at inbox.org
Sat Jul 7 13:35:15 UTC 2007

On 7/7/07, Brian Salter-Duke <b_duke at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 10:29:23AM +0100, Guy Chapman aka JzG wrote:
> > On Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:45:06 -0700, "K P" <kpbotany at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > >Republic Airlines flight 4912 & SkyWest Airlines flight 5741
> >
> > Good grief.  We should think about starting a project for news
> > stories, where things like this that have absolutely zero lasting
> > significance can go.  We could call it,. I don't know, how about...
> > Wikinews.
> >
> > What baffles me even more is that it was kept by AfD.  Are we really
> > lowering the bar to the point where every single near miss gets an
> > article?  Are we the FAA Wiki now?
> I suggest that the problem here is the confusion we have about
> notability and sources. This has sources. However by any reasonable
> criteria, in my humble opinion, it is not encyclopedic. We need to have
> a notability set of criteria that decides whether a topic is, well,
> notable, i.e important enough to have an article if there are sources,
> or not notable so it does not have an article even if there are sources.
I don't think it's appropriate for you to call it "confusion" over
notability and sources.  To some people, notability means having
sources.  This isn't due to confusion, it's due to a difference of

I hope you'll respond to my last message about how this article plays
an important secondary role in the encyclopedia if not a primary one.
Focusing on whether or not a topic is important enough without looking
at the situation holistically would result in exactly the type of bad
results being suggested here.

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