[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"on attack site link policy

Fred Bauder fredbaud at waterwiki.info
Thu Jul 5 09:01:30 UTC 2007

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>From: Adrian [mailto:aldebaer at googlemail.com]

>>> The point under discussion is whether a blanket ban of certain sites is 
>>> a good step to take.
>> It's a drastic remedy that cause almost as much trouble as it avoids, but is still justifiable. What the ban on linking to Encyclopedia Dramatic accomplishes is to scotch ready acceptance of that type of snarky dialog on Wikipedia itself. If we accept casual links to whatever cute meme on ED that strikes someone's eye, what we are doing is saying, hey, this site is cool. A little looking around at their entries on our contributors will soon demonstrate the hurtful nature of their entries and the absence of critical content.
>> Part of the ban is posturing, very similar to our posturing on pedophilia. We have no way to prevent either pedophiles or drama affectionados from editing Wikipedia. All we can do is make a big noise about it. We will have snarky editors engaging in hurtful attacks on other users both on and off Wikipedia no matter what we do. So what is involved is more staking out a position than anything else.
>> So it is very much a matter of saying and meaning:
>> We will make every effort to support our contributors and to defeat attempts to harass them.
>> Fred
>I fully agree, and I wonder why sites with attacking content, like 
>Conservapedia, have not been blacklisted already.

But you don't fully agree, You only raise a straw man. Conservative editors are welcome on Wikipedia.


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