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Thu Jul 5 02:53:49 UTC 2007

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>An article I wrote was based heavily on an academic study that has since
>left the web. I emailed the author asking if it was "just moved" and that It
>was very useful for wikipedia.
>The reply was :-
>"Hi Mike
>I did have the report on the **** web site but **** has sadly closed about a
>year ago.
>The report should go on the new research institute's web site **** but that
>is taking a
>while to get set up. I am happy to have the report on wikipedia and have
>attached an
>amended version of it (I think the original version had names of those
>interviewed in and
>I did guarantee them confidentiality).
>Hope this helps
>Jo" (**** relates to other projects)
>Now, I think the good Dr probably doesn't understand our GFDL system, and I
>am very loathe to use any of the suggested templates (no wonder researchers
>turn us down), do you think that I could use a licence based on this email?

Only after you are sure the author knows what he has done with his copyright.


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