[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"onattackkkkk site link policy

Kirill Lokshin kirill.lokshin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 23:07:21 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, Daniel R. Tobias <dan at tobias.name> wrote:
> Unfortunately, this is not the first time you've "stirred" something
> up unnecessarily as a result of your failure to properly understand
> policy or the facts of a situation.  A couple of months ago, on this
> list, you were pushing an odd interpretation of the WP:BLP policy
> that allegedly held that, if any admin claimed that BLP was being
> violated, and deleted an article as a result, then this decision was
> unreviewable and unassailable, except by a full-blown Arbcom case,
> even if the original admin was completely wrongheaded about it.
> (And, given that somebody recently even attempted a serious argument
> to the effect that [[Jesus Christ]] was covered by BLP because he
> rose from the grave, one can't be sure of the policy always being
> applied sensibly; the checks and balances of normal policy and
> process are important for helping this.)  You were claiming (with no
> justification) that all of this was provided in the BLP policy, but
> had to back down from that, and the policy now is that normal process
> such as DRV can in fact be applied, though there's a presumption in
> favor of keeping deleted in the case of BLPs anyway.



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