[WikiEN-l] You are invited to vote in the Wikimedia boardelections!

Philippe Beaudette philippebeaudette at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 18:43:35 UTC 2007

Gregory and Aude - 

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.  I assure you, they're being discussed.  We appreciate your suggestions, and the many other suggestions from dedicated Wikimedians who have put their minds to the issues and come up with some very challenging questions and creative solutions.

While I'm not sure what (if any) action the committee will take on your suggestions for this year, and absolutely do not speak for the committee as a whole, but just for myself in a personal capacity, I'm sure that the others on the committee join me in thanking you for your commitment and contributions, and wish to assure you that no suggestions have been ignored - they're all being strongly considered and discussed in the manner that has so distinguished Wikimedia over the years.

I'd like to clarify one thing: you can change or modify your vote easily at any time until voting closes.  Log into a project from which you are qualified to vote, and then go to Special:Boardvote.  If you have any problems, please contact any member of the election committee.  As you would imagine, voting concerns are at the top of our priority list right now. It is of critical importance to us to first look at enfranchisement issues (those who believe they are qualified to vote, but are having technical problems doing so, either through technical error or user error).

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  On 7/2/07, Aude <audevivere at gmail.com> wrote:
  > I went to that link and can't find anything on that page to take me to the
  > voting.  I already voted and "dismissed" the notice, so am having trouble
  > finding the vote page again (should I want to change my vote)

  Make sure you ask the Election Com to address this.

  While you're at it, remind them to look at:


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