[WikiEN-l] It's not a good Unified Field Theory unless...

Earle Martin wikipedia at downlode.org
Mon Jul 2 09:05:22 UTC 2007

On 30/06/07, Eugene van der Pijll <eugene at vanderpijll.nl> wrote:
> 3) Registering a domain name for your new physics theory is generally a
> sign that you cannot get your theory published in a regular channel.
> Also, Wikipedia is cited all over the place, which seems to indicate
> that the author is not familiar with how much his collegue theoretical
> quantum field theorists know. Conclusion: the page looks like the work
> of a well-willing amateur, not a professional physicist. (But I cannot
> judge the scientific validity of the page.

Yes - the only Google hit for "Nonlocal Medium Theory" suggests that
the author of this, erm, theory, has been trying to promote it for a
decade or so. Thankfully a few years later Wikipedia arrived, and all
those citations make the page look so much more convincing....

(only a second year undergraduate physicist)

Earle Martin

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