[WikiEN-l] Attack Site Wars, Episode VII... The Return of the Essjay

Michael Snow wikipedia at att.net
Mon Jul 2 00:29:44 UTC 2007

White Cat wrote:
> On 7/2/07, Michael Snow <wikipedia at att.net> wrote:
>> White Cat wrote:
>> > I do not understand this overindulgence with the details.
>> If you don't understand the importance of getting details right, should
>> you be editing Wikipedia?
> This is a mailing list not an article. You are borderlining trolling 
> and I
> suggest you stop
My question (and it was a *question*) was not about whether this is a 
mailing list or an article. It was about your attitude, and attitude 
matters whether it's on a mailing list, a wiki, in person, on IRC, or 
wherever, because it seeps from any of these very quickly into the 
others. The people who gripe about detrimental attitudes on IRC, or RfA, 
or AfD, are complaining because they feel those attitudes end up 
affecting articles.

What I intended was to highlight the very serious problem of taking a 
cavalier attitude toward facts. Unfortunately, exactly the attitude you 
expressed is too common among our contributors and is responsible for a 
great deal of the damage Wikipedia's reputation has endured. Do you want 
to contribute to that, or do you want to fix it?

--Michael Snow

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