[WikiEN-l] Troubling news on Citizendium

Stan Shebs stanshebs at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 17 16:11:51 UTC 2007

Phil Sandifer wrote:
> [...] If Larry wants an encyclopedia free of its biases, he should  
> work on one. But he shouldn't call it an encyclopedia run by experts  
> if he's going to dismiss the experts.
There are plenty of experts going at each other with knives on WP; 
expertise is simply a fund of knowledge, and does not magically confer 
diplomatic, communication, or collaboration skills. In fact, great 
knowledge tends to breed arrogance, making conflict more likely, not 
less so. CZ adds real names and attributions to the mix, raising the 
stakes even further by introducing the possibility of effect on one's 
careers. The organizer would need the superior political skills of an 
Ivy League dean to make it all work, but Larry's forum postings don't 
evidence much improvement at diplomacy since the times he was angering 
editors on WP.


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