[WikiEN-l] COO story now in major media

doc doc.wikipedia at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 21 22:25:24 UTC 2007

Jimmy Wales wrote:
  it is just an embarassment and for
> this poor woman, her rather sad life story is now in the Associated 
> Press.  But this whole thing is still amply covered by BLP1E and 
> non-Wikipedia precedent and tradition.

I could not agree more. Indeed all mention of this incident can probably 
be expunged from wikipedia in about twelve months time.

However, and this is the catch 22, if our concern is that a "poor woman 
with a sad life story" be left alone then trying to prevent a bio may be 
  completely counterproductive. As mush as I hate it, if someone in the 
community forces the issue (and I hope they don't), our only means for 
preventing such bio (and enforcing BLP1E, is either to have a wiki-drama 
and a high profile DRV or Jimmy publicly intervening. The is the real 
danger that either scenario will end up in another press run for trash 
like the Register.


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