[WikiEN-l] Libel of organisations or just individuals

Simon Blandford simon at bkinfo.net
Tue Oct 31 10:55:09 UTC 2006

Hi Anthony,

Thanks, that's really useful to know.

I guess the next part of the question is if there is any mileage in 
following the advice on Wikipedia-Libel and me sending an email to 
info-en at wikimedia.org listing all the defamatory statements in an 
article that are either untrue or unproven in a court (or whatever level 
of proof would normally be required before they can be stated as fact), 
I obviously don't want to go down this route if it is just going to 
irritate, backfire or be a time-sink to the admins or if the slow 
processes of challenging each and every part of the article in the 
discussion page one at a time is a more appropriate way forward.

What about allegations against an organisation in the discussion page? 
There is stuff on there that is even more extreme.


Anthony wrote:
> On 10/29/06, Steve Block <steve.block at myrealbox.com> wrote:
>> Simon Blandford wrote:
>>> I'm a little unclear on this from reading Wikipedia's policy on libel.
>>> It seems concerned only with libel of individuals. What is the policy
>>> with regards to organisations? In the UK the libel laws cover
>>> organisations as well as individuals.
>>  From what I remember last time libel was a hot button issue, there is
>> little regard given to UK laws as there are no assets in the UK. I was
>> told people weren't overly worried about the UK law, only US law as that
>> is where the servers are held.
> There are US laws regarding defamation of organizations too.  In fact,
> several US states even have laws against defamation of food.
> Anthony
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