[WikiEN-l] Comscore claims Wikipedia had more visitors during September than Amazon, Myspace or Youtube

Keith Old keithold at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 14:28:32 UTC 2006

G'day* folks,

SDA India reports

Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, and eBay took the top positions, however relative
newcomers Wikipedia and YouTube are making a rapid climb up the World Wide
Web (WWW), as per the monthly Internet snapshot, released by Comscore.
Wikipedia had 154 million visitors in September, while YouTube came in
number 14 with 81 million visitors.


More in story.

(Hmmm. If Youtube was worth 1.6 billion, and we have nearly twice as many
visitors how much would we be worth but I digress)

Amazon had 133 million while Fox Interactive Media (presumably mostly
Myspace) had 118 and Ask 112 million.

Regards to all.

Keith Old

* Shamelessly stolen from Mark Gallagher. I hope it wasn't copyrighted

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