[WikiEN-l] Include both, with sources?

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 22 17:59:36 UTC 2006

Bryan Derksen wrote:
> Which certainly doesn't seem like stuff that would be written by an
> editor who doesn't even know how to check the edit summaries and has no
> idea why his edits keep vanishing.

And in another just-noticed-after-I-pushed-"send" update, I see that
this argument has been going on in some form or another since April -
those paragraphs I posted here as examples were from back then, though
there are recent ones as well. Considering how long this has been going
on I'd definitely recommend dispute resolution at this point, the advice
of the mailing list on the sourcing issue itself is probably not going
to help much.

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