[WikiEN-l] School of Hard Knocks, or, what I learnt from my RfA

Oskar Sigvardsson oskarsigvardsson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 02:52:59 UTC 2006

I'm fairly similar to you, I've been around for a little more than two
years (June 2004), I have around 2000 edits, I've proven myself to be
curteous, I've participated in process, I do occasional
vandal-fighting. Most of my wikipedia time is spent helping clueless
newbies do their first articles (that right there should qualify me,
you have to have the patience of a small planet!). I'm very familiar
with process (as much as anyone can, given how much process we have).
I don't get into arguments much, if I see one I try to defuse it. If I
do get into an argument, I argue curtiously and respectfully. I'm a
stand-up guy. I'm not a very good writer though, so I tend not to make
big article improvements, but I've helped out the encyclopedia in many
other ways. I feel like I've improved it. I see no reason why I
shouldn't be allowed to be an admin.

But I would never pass an RfA. I mean, if someone would nominate me, I
would accept (although I don't think anyone will), but I'm pretty sure
that I would get shot down pretty easily because of my edit-count and
my less than stellar involvement with articles. But I have helped with
the encyclopedia, in many ways. With admin-tools, I know I could help
more. That doesn't seem likely though. It's bordeline mental, what RfA
has become.


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