[WikiEN-l] Legal threats on [[Talk:OmniCode]]

Daniel R. Tobias dan at tobias.name
Fri Oct 20 23:31:56 UTC 2006

Some anon-IP user on [[Talk:OmniCode]] has been rattling sabers about 
threatening to sue people for failing to acknowledge a company named 
Omnicode, which apparently has a registered trademark on that name 
which is being allegedly infringed by the geek-coding system called 
OmniCode which is featured in the Wikipedia article of that name.

It's certainly possible that the creator of that coding system is 
committing a trademark violation by using the name, but would 
Wikipedia or its editors have any liability for writing an article 
about it?  It would seem that a noncommercial, encyclopedic use of 
the name in the course of discussing something that the name has been 
used for (legally or illegally) wouldn't itself be actionable, but 
I'm not a lawyer.

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