[WikiEN-l] Before reverting blanking, please read the text

Sydney aka FloNight poore5 at adelphia.net
Fri Oct 20 01:26:52 UTC 2006

---- Bryan Derksen <bryan.derksen at shaw.ca> wrote: 

Sydney aka FloNight wrote:
> ---- Guy Chapman aka JzG <guy.chapman at spamcop.net> wrote: 
> The whole article?  *All* of it?  Even the bits which are not crap? No
> I don't.
> Guy (JzG)
> ================================
> The first, second, ..... time they remove the crap. When it keeps getting inserted they blank the whole article.

You are making things up out of thin air. Here are the contributions of
the article-blanker:


Just two edits, both of those were wholesale removals of the entire article.

The edit that added the objectionable material was on October 11:
That material wasn't touched until Aarcelay blanked the article. Nobody
at any point tried removing _just_ the objectionable bit.

Bryan Derksen,

I was speaking generally about the frustration seen on the OTRS complaints I have answered. If this was a single incident none of us would be going on and on about it.


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