[WikiEN-l] Before reverting blanking, please read the text

Guy Chapman aka JzG guy.chapman at spamcop.net
Thu Oct 19 17:27:20 UTC 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 01:46:59 +0930, "Alphax \(Wikipedia email\)"
<alphasigmax at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Bear in mind that I actually take the time to userfy egregious
>> vanity from single purpose accounts if the username matches the
>> subject, because in the end newbies *do* matter, but demanding that
>> every vandalism edit be accompanied by the planting of a shrubbery on
>> the user's Talk page does not seem to be based on any realistic
>> assessment of the problem. 

>You make it sound like we're asking you to chop down the tallest tree in
>the forest with a herring. We're not. We're asking you to use a little
>bit of Common Sense. How on earth is someone meant to defend themselves
>if they don't even know the crime that they've been charged with? How on
>earth is a newbie meant to learn that there are certain things they're
>not supposed to be doing something if nobody ever tells them?

Common sense indicates that wholesale blanking is usually vandalism.

Guy (JzG)

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