[WikiEN-l] [[Kristian Menchaca]] - link to video

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 17 23:51:24 UTC 2006

Cheney Shill wrote:
> --- Bryan Derksen <bryan.derksen at shaw.ca> wrote:
>> So it's all moot anyway. I just wish people were more
>> open about their
>> arguments, anyone else doing basic fact-checking could
>> have discovered this.
> I did that basic fact checking earlier and provided a link
> to the page that has thumbnails and the video:
> http://www.ogrish.com/archives/us_soldiers_kidnapped_in_iraq_shown_dead_in_video_Jul_10_2006.html

Ah, sorry about that. I hadn't read some of the earlier part of this
thread, I was relying on the article's talk: page.

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