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Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Tue Oct 17 23:27:38 UTC 2006

On 10/17/06, Oldak Quill <oldakquill at gmail.com> wrote:
> The episode is a source, the problem is whether we should be using primary
> sources like this.

That a new TV episode, once shown, almost immediately has a first
summary on WP is in itself a good thing. It's a beautiful cultural
process where the writable encyclopedia becomes a natural part of
people's everyday lives.

As others have stated, the problems really begin when personal
interpretations and observations come into play. In my opinion,
unsourced trivia lists are the worst, followed by personal critique
mixed with summary. That kind of material should be removed. I'm still
thinking that a separate WikiTrivia might be a good idea since a lot
of people seem very reluctant to delete trivia.

Some summaries are also simply poorly written, but then again, that's
true for a lot of Wikipedia. To me, this does not itself justify
deletion, just labeling and tagging (as well as positive tagging of
good articles and revisions).
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