[WikiEN-l] good example of overuse of {{fact}}

Steve Summit scs at eskimo.com
Mon Oct 16 14:07:29 UTC 2006

geni wrote:
> On 10/16/06, Steve Summit <scs at eskimo.com> wrote:
>> If I remember correctly, the last time I put a bare {cleanup}
>> tag on an article (being too lazy to look up the preferred
>> date-stamped version), a bot came along less than a day later
>> and replaced the tag with the properly date-stamped version.
>> So clearly we could use the same sort of bot here, if we wanted to.
> Problem it is one thing to put a mess of code at the top of an article
> and quite another to put it halfway through.

Come now.  Unless a bot is trying to do section editing or
something, it's got the entire text of an article available
to it, so it's trivial to search the whole article for the
template(s) to be edited.  And it's not "a mess of code";
it's either a slightly-differently-named template, or the
addition of a single parameter.  This is no problem at all.

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