[WikiEN-l] "Doomsday" threat?

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Oct 12 17:06:11 UTC 2006

Daniel R. Tobias wrote:

>[[User:Instant Karma]] recently made a posting to [[User Talk:Jimbo 
>Wales]] titled "The End Is Nigh", making a series of demands of 
>Wikipedia (such as the removal of most sex-related material, the 
>addition of an attempt to keep minors out of whatever remains in that 
>area, and the removal of most pop-cultural stuff including reducing 
>mention of Star Trek to a single article).  It concluded with a 
>threat of unspecified retribution of a "Doomsday Machine" nature 
>which would allegedly result in the destruction of Wikipedia.  Just 
>thought you ought to know that we're allegedly all doomed now... :-)
It would be consistent with the tone set by this user to inform him that 
Jimbo is in direct communication with God, and that he has been warned 
by The Man Himself that anyone who advocates quick karmic fixes is 
evidently a false prophet of Karma.


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