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Wed Oct 11 11:34:53 UTC 2006

"George Herbert" wrote

> There are
> around 6,000 NYSE and NASDAQ listed US companies; is en-wikipedia
> WP:CORP as it stands still the right filter, or should it be somewhat
> loosened up?  Would roughly 6k companies be inappropriate in 1.5
> million total articles?  Is mere listing on a major stock exchange
> enough notability?

Good question. 

I wouldn't say we need every NASDAQ listing. 

It is a bit odd for companies not to be able to qualify at all by capital value. Of course if there really were _no_ sources, for a secretive private corporation, the article could reduce to 'secretive private corporation'.

People who come to Wikipedia in a search for information on what equities to buy - what can one say? Cheapskates, and foolish investors, almost by definition.


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