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George Herbert george.herbert at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 06:31:52 UTC 2006

On 10/9/06, Alphax (Wikipedia email) <alphasigmax at gmail.com> wrote:
> George Herbert wrote:
> > On 10/9/06, Andrew Gray <shimgray at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Company A makes an obscure sex toy. There appear to be three people in
> >> the world who care about it, and they're all trying to use us for
> >> advertising.
> >
> > Please stop this.  The Fleshlight is significantly more notable than
> > this.  Using insulting arguments like this is rude.
> >
> >
> No, a rude insulting argument would be "anyone who gives a flying rat's
> arse about this thing is a sick perv and should be banned". See the
> difference?
> PS. I count "being mentioned on the Something Awful forums" towards
> notability the same way as "being mentioned on Slashdot".
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More than three people have exhibited concern abount the action here
on this list.  It is rude and insulting TO US to blow off the concerns
in this manner.

-george william herbert
george.herbert at gmail.com

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