[WikiEN-l] Clearing the air regarding SlimVirgin.

Nathan lists at home.nathanr.com
Sun Oct 8 03:07:08 UTC 2006


I'm a blocked user (but I'm not here to discuss that) and I've been 
accused of something (else) that I didn't do so I'm here to clear the air:

Please direct your attention to 

Specifically, this comment:

":::Your cryptic "cough, Nathan, cough" is, I take it, a reference to
e-mails I supposedly sent to Nathandotcom. That was a banned user using my
e-mail address, and he did the same to several other admins. The abuse was
reported to his university who managed to identify him and it has stopped.
Like Cyde, you need to learn all the facts before commenting on issues.
Cyde, you're now calling me a "liar" over an issue that is my business,
not yours, and that I know about, and you don't. I have asked you many
times to stop raising the issue, stop gossiping about me and others, and
to stop attacking me. I am hereby asking you again.
[[User:SlimVirgin|SlimVirgin]] <sup><font
color="Purple">[[User_talk:SlimVirgin|(talk)]]</font></sup> 18:56, 6
October 2006 (UTC)"

Quite honestly, I'm sick of being accused of things I didn't do by 
arrogant admins who think they're right.

Let me clear the air with the following points:

1) While I may have something against those involved in the situation that 
led to my blocking, I have absolutely nothing against any other admin of 
Wikipedia, save for Cyde (who was involved). Therefore I have no logical 
reason to harass any admin on Wikipedia.

2) I do not attend college or university nor have I ever in the past. When 
my userpage was visible, I clearly mentioned who my employer was. I'm the 
Director of Technical Services of xytra.net (Services Internet Xytra SENC 
of Gatineau, Quebec - this can be verified by e-mailing nathan at xytra.net 
or by asking info at xytra.net or support at xytra.net). Therefore these 
accusations that I have harassed any admin of Wikipedia are purely false. 
As I have said over and over, if someone's going to accuse me of 
something, at least provide proof. Proof wasn't given and it makes 
SlimVirgin out to be just ranting about nothing (apologies if this can be 
read as a personal attack).

The only places I access the Internet from are: my place of residence, my 
place of work and the home of my two co-workers.

The only times I have ever used universities or colleges for Internet 
access are:
* 2001-2002 when my girlfriend (at the time) attended university
* late 1990's when I lived in Toronto

4) Just because someone forged the e-mail addresses of admins and me being 
a blocked user, does that automatically mean "Nathanrdotcom has reason to 
harbour negative feelings towards Wikipedia as a whole and believes he has 
a reason to take it out on random admins"? No, of course it doesn't. Now I 
admit I have a mood disorder but I don't appreciate being accused of 
things I didn't do. I don't attack anyone without provocation. I have had 
a talk with Jimbo about my block - why would I contradict myself and start 
attacking random admins? It just doesn't add up.

5) I have used the Internet since 1995 and consider my knowledge of how 
things work[tm] to be better than average. On the Internet, anyone can 
forge anyone's identity, e-mail address or etc and deflect the blame to 
anyone else. In other words: Anyone can send an e-mail and claim to be me, 
that doesn't mean in any way that I was the person responsible. There are 
enough people on Wikipedia who dislike me (and plenty who have read that 
defamatory "article" about me on a..less than reputable Wiki and wish to 
manufacture some stunt to blame me for).

I really resent the implication that I would go around attacking other 
admins without provocation and I want it said for the record that I 
haven't been involved in such activities.

Honestly, SlimVirgin owes me an apology for her baseless accusations but 
it's highly unlikely that I'll get one.

If anyone has ANY questions regarding the above, I would appreciate 
it if you would please e-mail me and I'll answer rather than you making up 
your own information and calling it true.

Thank you for your time,
Nathan (User:Nathanrdotcom)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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