[WikiEN-l] Quitting Wikipedia and wanted you to know why.

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Oct 9 07:30:29 UTC 2006

Guy Chapman aka JzG wrote:

>Except that the username makes it perfectly plain that this is a
>reincarnation.  I leave it to the admins active on that particular
>article to identify who is the puppet master here, but it is more than
>plausible that this is a lock-evading sock of an unrepentant POV
>pusher.  I recently had a very calm and civil discussion with an
>editor who got blocked in similar way, I asked his patience while we
>ran CheckUser and thanked him for it when I had enough evidence to
>unblock.  The blocking admin was content to admit the mistake.  It's
>nice to assume good faith, but sometimes when yet another "brand new
>user" pops up it can be asking a bit much.  Sure, we make mistakes,
>but by far the most common mistake is extending too much benefit of
>the doubt to people who are simply not here to help build a neutral
A mere suspicion or possibility that someone is a sockpuppet should not 
be grounds for blocking.  Unless this user is causing problems 
completely in his own right, any blocking can wait until you have 
checked out the facts.

If the person is completely new how can you possibly know that he is not 
here to build an encyclopedia?  It makes for a far more pleasant 
environment to err in favour of keeping a borderline case.  It's great 
to get rid of some of these problem users, but the effort to root them 
out can too easily become an unhealthy obsession.


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