[WikiEN-l] AFD makes NYT

MacGyverMagic/Mgm macgyvermagic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 07:32:48 UTC 2006

I don't think I'm happy with the deletion of the Chuck Greene entry. Just
because the Maccabiah Games aren't as prestigious as the Olympics or the
Commonwealth Games, doesn't mean it's not important. It's a national or
international sports events. Winning a medal on such an event should at
least be as notable as being the right flank defender in some obscure
football club that never won their competition.

On 10/9/06, David Gerard <dgerard at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/08/weekinreview/08word.html
> At least they didn't mention [[Fleshlight]] ...
> - d.
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