[WikiEN-l] Quitting Wikipedia and wanted you to know why.

Stephen Streater sbstreater at mac.com
Sun Oct 8 19:47:14 UTC 2006

On 8 Oct 2006, at 21:32, charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com wrote:

> Stephen Streater wrote
>> If this project becomes boring,
>> interesting people won't contribute.
>> There is a general distrust of dynamism,
>> and this is a cultural flaw here which I am
>> happy to do my bit to neutralise.
> There is something to this. We still need 'be bold!'. There are  
> probably still substantial areas of content to open up, and the  
> pioneers need something less plodding than just mumbling policy as  
> a mantra.

I'd like something along the lines of:
an editor should expect to come across
the existence of one existing policy or
guideline for the first time every 100
or so edits.

If we have too steep or long a learning
curve - by for example needing to know
fifty pages of policy, guidelines and process
to get started - content people will be put off
at the expense of process people. It's easy
for long timers to forget that the system was
much simpler when they joined.

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