[WikiEN-l] Fleshlight and the Voice

daniwo59 at aol.com daniwo59 at aol.com
Sun Oct 8 04:05:03 UTC 2006

Delirium wrote:
That seems kind of silly.  I'd actually looked up this article before  
myself, because the "fleshlight" is notable enough that it's entered  
slang use, at least in some subcultures, and I had no idea what the word  
was referring to.  It's also gotten quite a bit of press, and a quick  
google news search turns up a claim in the _Village Voice_ (a mainstream  
news magazine) that it's "one of the best-known boy-centric toys".

I  would have to say Danny erred in this case with his ignorant statement 
that  it is a "non-notable product".

Danny comments:
Before proclaiming my ignorance to the world, I would invite Delirium to  
look a bit more closely at Google News, supposedly the font of knowledge here.  
Typing in Fleshlight resulted in exactly one hit on Google News, the Village  
Voice article he mentioned. 
A percursory glance at the article itself shows that it is titled: "Boys' Toys
Cock rings, butt plugs, finger  massagers and other guy goodies" Before the 
brief paragraph on the Fleshlight it  says, "Neil's not the only hetero male 
seeking out women-friendly sex toys.  According to Carolyn Riccardi, Education 
Coordinator for Babeland New York (_babeland.com_ (http://www.babeland.com/) ), 
35 percent of their customers  are men, and their most popular boys' toys are 
the Sonic Ring, a vibrating cock  ring, the Blossom Sleeve, and the Aneros 
prostate stimulator." I suppose our  next step would be to ensure we have 
articles on each of these products, as well  as Babeland and their educational 
coordinator. After all, they are each  mentioned in the "Voice." This week's 
edition also has a fascinating review of a  stirring new film, "Black Monster Dicks 
Fucking White Chicks," complete  with a comparison to [[Das Boot]]. I would 
have watched the film and written the  article myself, but alas, Netflix didn't 
have it (yet). 
(http://www.villagevoice.com/blogs/dirtypornos/) ).  Instead I will write about another Voice topic, Xiao 
La Jiao, NYC's  "foremost Sichuan restaurant," and in Flushing, no less. 
I read the Voice regularly when I lived in New York. I even took circuitous  
routes home from work just so I could get a copy. But not everything in the  
Voice (or even in the NY Times for that matter) deserves an article. Editing  
isn't only about knowing what to add, but about knowing what not to add as 

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