[WikiEN-l] Parker Peters's comments

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Oct 8 03:07:22 UTC 2006

Gregory Maxwell wrote:

>On 10/6/06, MacGyverMagic/Mgm <macgyvermagic at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Some adminship requests get opposed because the user aren't familiar in a
>>specific field of administrator work. If we could specifically give people
>>the tools they have the knowledge for, more requests would succeed. Perhaps
>>it's time to run that plan to give people separate admin tools.
>Even as screwed up as things are today with respect to RFA the fact
>remains that adminship is more about trust than about knowledge. If we
>can't *trust you* to refrain from breaking the site too badly than you
>should have exactly zero admin features.
I agree

>That adminship is mostly is sometimes being obscured the fact that
>there is no clear way to measure trust... but breaking up adminship
>into little boxes will not solve that.
I'm somewhat inclined to believe this.  If you break adminship into five 
levels it will just mean five promootion levels for people to complain.


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