[WikiEN-l] Quitting Wikipedia and wanted you to know why.

charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Fri Oct 6 10:00:02 UTC 2006

"Tony Jacobs" wrote

> We're actually developing a 
> reputation as a place of arrogance and nastiness, a place of heavy-handed 
> thugishness, a place where people treat each other quite badly.  

That rep has always been there, actually. There have always been admins who have treated vandal-chasing as central. The vandals have complained, the trolls are definitive loudmouths when it comes to their own grievances. I don't know how you would judge whether matters are getting worse or better, just from the hubbub.

>  Why 
> doesn't ArbCom come down on admins who fail to respect contributors?  Why 
> isn't that a high priority?  

Why don't we get the cases brought that mean we could do that? We have a clear policy on civility. Some people do reckon that long service gives them some rights in how they talk to others. They are certainly wrong about that, and should note well that ArbCom doesn't have binding precedents, and may well up the tariff of punishment for shooting off your mouth. As far as I can see, this causes a large outcry when it is proposed, but it may well happen.


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