[WikiEN-l] List of war criminals

ScottL scott at mu.org
Wed Oct 4 04:30:25 UTC 2006

Bogdan Giusca wrote:
> Speaking of dubious lists, we also have:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_criminals
> The list currently contains people belonging to these categories:
> 1) people who were convicted for war crimes
> 2) people who were charged but not convicted
> 3) people who were never charged due to political reasons, but
> the consensus is that they were involved in war crimes
> 4) people whose involvement in war crimes is unclear or a matter
> of debate.
> On the top of the list, it writes that:
> "This is a list of formally charged and/or convicted war criminals"
> which means 1) and 2). What about people who were formally charged,
> but later found not guilty? They would be included by the current
> criteria.
> What about people who were convicted for "war crimes" by an unfair
> mock trial in a country under a dictatorship?
> Should we list them, too?

   Seems to me that NPOV would dictate that all articles here be placed 
in less ambiguous subcategories.

[[People convicted of War crimes by XXX]]
[[People charged with war crimes by YYY but not convicted]]
[[People absolved of having commited war crimes by ZZZ]]
[[People acused of warcrimes by GROUP/GOVERNMENT]]


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