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G'day geni,

> On 10/2/06, Kim van der Linde <kim at kimvdlinde.com> wrote:
>> The [[List of banned books]] is a mess, and the way people have
>> added challenged books to the list (ALA_2000 entries) and the
>> clogging up with many doubtful entries (just listed without
>> explanations etc) has made it the target of creationists who try to
>> get a book listed that a book that they claim is banned, but which
>> in fact is far from that (if their rational holds, the bible is
>> banned book).
> I would not be suprised to find that the bible has been banned at
> some point in histoty.

The Bible *has* been banned, at several points in history.  For example, 
it was banned during the Cultural Revolution in China, and its sale 
remains regulated today.  And, as we all know, individual translations 
of the Bible (e.g. into German or English) were frequently banned in 
Mediaeval Europe.

The world is very big and very old.

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