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Nick Boalch n.g.boalch at durham.ac.uk
Mon Oct 2 06:23:14 UTC 2006

daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:
> As I said, I sincerely doubt most (any) Myspace members have read the  Terms 
> of Service, I can assure you that they are far more substantial than our own 
> Terms of Service. Personally, I hope that the Board rectifies  this.

My own €0.02 is that we should steer away from Byzantine and restrictive 
'terms of service' for contributors as much as possible. Part of the 
point of Wikipedia is, as ever, that 'anyone can edit' and I'm wary of 
things that may discourage people from doing that.

I also wonder if more expansive terms of service would actually do 
anything to deal with the problem here (which I presume is that of 
commercial organisations using Wikipedia for what amounts to 
advertising). If, as you surmise, few users will read them, why bother 
creating them? Advertising is already covered by Wikipedia policy.



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