[WikiEN-l] Corporate vanity policy enforcement

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Sun Oct 1 17:22:20 UTC 2006

David Mestel wrote:
> I don't think that "implied discretion" is a good idea long-term -
> it's better to codify it in policy so that everything is consistent
> and in the open.  Apart from anything else, it's kind of inadvertantly
> biting the newbies when stuff happens for reasons which aren't
> explained.

This is an eloquent expression of ongoing problems with process creep. 
Not everything needs to be codified in a strict policy involving a 5 day 
voting procedure.

One thing to remember is that deletions can be undone.  Deleting an 
article is really no big deal.

As far as not biting the newbies, well, of course I agree.  A kind and 
loving template which says "Thanks so much for your submission to 
Wikipedia, but it was deleted.  Before submitting again, please read 
<this>, <that>, and <the other> policy, and if you have questions, 
please raise them at <an appropriate page>."


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