[WikiEN-l] Call for volunteers for OTRS permissions queue

Robth robth1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 16:35:25 UTC 2006

On 10/1/06, Alphax (Wikipedia email) <alphasigmax at gmail.com> wrote:
>Anything not processed within a
> few days just gets difficult, because the procedure for dealing with
> copyvios tends to be "nuke it after 5/7 days". I'm finding tickets that
> are almost 2 months old and the article/image has been deleted already.

As a short-term partial fix for this, I just added a line to
asking people to note on the article's talk page if they send an email to
OTRS.  If they do that, we'll shuffle the article over into the "poster
claims permission" pile, which buys it another few weeks of existence.


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