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Richard Holton wrote:
> On 10/1/06, Steve Summit <scs at eskimo.com> wrote:
>> David Mestel wrote:
>>> a Google search gives no relevant hits.
>> <gbathr cynagrq svezyl va purrx>
>> There are *lots* of google hits.  The island, existent or not,
>> is clearly a significant Internet meme.  As such, Wikipedia
>> needs to have an article on it, documenting the origin and
>> spread of the meme, and accurately listing the relevant
>> fictitious parameters which the island would have if it did
>> exist.  Danny should not have summarily deleted the article --
>> an orderly process of wikimprovement could have recast the
>> article into the proper form without the present gap, during
>> which readers who encounter the meme and turn to Wikipedia for
>> enlightenment will come up empty-handed.  The article should
>> be restored as soon as possible.
> Well, if you exclude wikipedia-based content, there are under a dozen unique
> google hits, most of which seem to refer to some Italian porno movie.
> If this is a "significant internet meme" it is so only because it's been on
> Wikipedia for 10 months.

You failed to ROT-13 the HTML tags:

<tongue planted firmly in cheek>

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