[WikiEN-l] Interesting article on Alexa

Stephen Streater sbstreater at mac.com
Sun Oct 1 08:24:57 UTC 2006

On 1 Oct 2006, at 08:50, MacGyverMagic/Mgm wrote:

> Well, obviously it shouldn't be used as the sole way of making a  
> decision,
> but if it has a high Alexa rank, it means a lot of people who use  
> that Alexa
> toolbar visit the site. That should give some indication. Also, if  
> none of
> them visit a certain site that says something as well.

In my cases it indicates that the UK Broadcasters
don't allow installation of the Alexa toolbar,
and that Alexa doesn't count iframe hits. As with
all these things, there will always be cases where
the raw figures are misleading.

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