[WikiEN-l] Corporate vanity policy enforcement

David Mestel david.mestel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 06:34:40 UTC 2006

Maybe we need some kind of speedy deletion process for organisations
which are not notable, but which do assert notability.  Of course,
there would need to be safeguards - perhaps allow any established
editor (>500 edits for the sake of argument) to remove the tag or have
the article undeleted without discussion, like a prod undeletion.
This would mean that we could remove many more articles about nn
organisations and people without having to go through a five-day AfD,
but anything which was notable enough for at least one established
editor to support it would still get the benefit of full AfD process
and discussion.

On 29/09/06, Brad Patrick <bpatrick at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Dear Community:
> The volume of corporate vanity/vandalism which is showing up on
> Wikipedia is overwhelming.  At the office, we are receiving dozens of
> phone calls *per week* about company, organization, and marketing edits
> which are reverted, causing the non-notable, but self-aggrandizing
> authors, to scream bloody murder.  This is as it should be.  However, I
> am issuing a call to arms to the community to act in a much more
> draconian fashion in response to corporate self-editing and vanity page
> creation.  This is simply out of hand, and we need your help.
> We are the #14 website in the world.  We are a big target.  If we are to
> remain true to our encyclopedic mission, this kind of nonsense cannot be
> tolerated.  This means the administrators and new page patrol need to be
> clear when they see new usernames and page creation which are blatantly
> commercial - shoot on sight.  There should be no question that someone
> who claims to have a "famous movie studio" and has exactly 2 Google hits
> - both their Myspace page - they get nuked.  Ban users who promulgate
> such garbage for a significant period of time.  They need to be
> encouraged to avoid the temptation to recreate their article, thereby
> raising the level of damage and wasted time they incur.
> Some of you might think regular policy and VfD is the way to go.  I am
> here to tell you it is not enough.  We are losing the battle for
> encyclopedic content in favor of people intent on hijacking Wikipedia
> for their own memes.  This scourge is a serious waste of time and
> energy.  We must put a stop to this now.
> Thank you for your help.
> -Brad Patrick
> User:BradPatrick
> Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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