[WikiEN-l] GNAA Deleted!

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Wed Nov 29 01:36:33 UTC 2006

The Cunctator wrote:
> I suggest "Delete anything that makes you uncomfortable."

While Cunctator and I probably see eye-to-eye on the matter of 
inclusionism versus deletionism, I think that this response doesn't 
really take into account the serious reasons why people did want this 
article gone, reasons that had nothing to do with being uncomfortable 
with the subject matter.

The problem is that this article had no legitimate sources, not even 
close, and after a long period of time, no one was able to come up with 
any, since there really are not any.  There is no way to write a proper 
article because there is no way to find out the truth in a way that is 

There is a curious sort of backlash in many cases when the subject 
matter *is* a bit uncomfortable.  If this was some obscure blog of the 
same general stature, it would have been deleted without a peep.  But 
because we are sooooo terrified that we might actually delete something 
for the wrong reason, we end up keeping stuff for the wrong reason.

"This group is offensive and stupid and juvenile" is not a good reason 
to delete anything, I agree 100%.

But, it is also not a good reason to keep anything.

It's all about whether we can write a proper article with reliable third 
party sources and no original research.


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