[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

Nick Boalch n.g.boalch at durham.ac.uk
Wed May 31 10:45:36 UTC 2006

Ben Yates wrote:
>> Trolls complain about ArbCom being 'corrupt' because, rightly if they're
>> trolls, they don't get the results they want from it.
> That strikes me as a dangerous line of thought -- "Trolls, by
> definition, are always wrong.  And the people who disagree with us
> must be trolls, because trolls are who we're fighting.  Therefore
> anyone who disagrees with us is wrong." 

Well, that certainly isn't what I meant. What I mean is this: if you
troll Wikipedia and then take a case to ArbCom, or get taken there,
things are unlikely to work out in your favour. Hence you go off to
Wikipedia Review and complain about the ArbCom being corrupt.

However, where you extend this to mean 'the people who disagree with us
are always trolls' I don't know, because I never said or even implied that.

> I'm not saying you've taken it to that extreme

Good, because my comments aren't anywhere near it.



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