[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

Molu loom91 at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 07:38:19 UTC 2006

    On Tue, 30 May 2006 17:45:04 +1000 Mark Gallagher wrote:

>Nonsense. Admins make calls all the time that are recognised by the 
>community as necessary, but still make one unpopular with certain 
>subsections nonetheless. RfAs are extraordinarily easy to stack, as 
>opposers count for more than supporters and the wider community does not 
>generally take an interest in them. Requests for adminship tend to 
>involve only a very small subset of the community, who, fortunately, are 
>usually considered sane (editcountitis notwithstanding); requests for 
>confirmation will have all the problems of RfA, with the added drawback 
>of being inhabited by trolls and idiots who are too concerned with 
>advancing their own agendas to bother learning what admins do and why.

  Why are you bringing vote stacking into this? That's a completely different issue. This is not about vote stacking.

>I am not the only person who has noticed that, in your brief time on 
>this list, you have rarely posted anything that could not be considered 
>"nonsense". I would like to suggest you spend more time on Wikipedia, 
>attempting to learn what we're about and how we work, before you try to 
>instruct the Wikipedia Grannies in advanced egg-sucking procedures. The 
>views of someone ignorant of Wikipedia procedures can be useful, at 
>times; fresh eyes, etc., but at others it's damned annoying to see 
>someone who doesn't know what he's talking about attempt to lecture us. 
>Please, give it a rest, and fill your head instead of this list.

  Thank you for your kind suggestions. You'll have to excuse me as I ignore them.

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