[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

charles matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Tue May 30 21:57:07 UTC 2006

"Conrad Dunkerson" wrote

>* Nick Boalch wrote:
>> This is simply not the case. If an admin is acting in the interests of
>> the encyclopaedia then he is doing the right thing, regardless of what
>> the majority of the community thinks.
> Good to know.
> The other day a fellow named Linuxbeak acted in the interests of the
> encyclopedia (as he saw it). Some people disagreed, but clearly he was
> "doing the right thing" because HE thought so. No need for that silly
> 'consensus' stuff. :]

If admin A is actually acting in WP's interests, then of course that is 
fine.  If A is not, but is acting under some delusion, then that is not fine 
at all.

The key point here is not whether there is some sort of backing for the 
option taken, but whether the action is clear-sighted or otherwise.  I don't 
see that the logic has to be smudged here.  Admins are given discretion.  If 
they foul it up, they are poor admins and eventually they should have their 
mop retired.


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