[WikiEN-l] Proposal: limited extension of semi-protection

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue May 30 08:50:46 UTC 2006

Delirium wrote:

>I would assume this means they're not acceptable as sources for facts 
>that they claim; it seems hard to argue that they aren't credible 
>sourcees for the statement that they made said claims.  The main purpose 
>of putting this policy in was to avoid people adding weird things like 
>"Mint cures cancer [source: some random website claiming so]".
You never know for sure!

    "Common thyme, which was recommended in whooping cough three or four
    years ago by Dr. S. B. Johnson, is regarded by Dr. Neovius ('The
    Lancet', May 9, 1891), as almost worthy the title of specific,
    which, if given early and constantly, invariably cuts short the
    disease in a fortnight, the symptoms generally vanishing in two or
    three days.  He gives from one ounce and a half to six ounces
    perdiem, combined with a little marshmallow sirup.  He never saw any
    undesireable effect produced, except slight diarrhoea.  It is
    important that the drug should be used quite fresh." --  'Scientific
    American', Jan. 9, 1892  ;-)


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