[WikiEN-l] The admin problem

A. Nony Mouse mousyme at gmail.com
Sun May 28 23:01:19 UTC 2006

No, you haven't even remotely been good at listening to criticisms whenever
it comes to the behavior of certain admins who are far too close to you, Mr.

Instead, you treat them like dirt, you harass them, your high personages
spin lies about them, and desperately do all they can to ensure that anyone
with a legitimate gripe is labeled a "troll."

I'll note that once, I spoke to you on IRC, and you demanded that I not
refer to you as "preening", and that you would in return speak with me
later. You never bothered responding to my PM attempts again.

I've never participated on wikipediareview, despite the many times your
admins have inundated me with links to it in #wikipedia.

So you'll understand if I find this little claim of yours hard to swallow.
Far from being "good" at listening to critics, you do your level best to
block them out.

A. Nony Mouse

On 5/28/06, Jimmy Wales <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:
> Steve Bennett wrote:
> > On 5/28/06, Erik Moeller <eloquence at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> with the territory. I'm a freelancer without family, so there are very
> >> few ways in which a person on the Internet can harm me -- and my
> >> feelings don't get hurt if someone whose opinion doesn't matter to me
> >> harasses me.
> >
> > Out of curiosity, doesn't being a freelancer mean your reputation is
> > quite important to your income? Wouldn't you be hurt if "Eric Moeller
> > is a child molester" was the first thing that came up on Google under
> > your name?
> There is actually a strange irony.  Some of the people who post to
> Wikipedia Review are or could be legitimate critics, with thoughtful and
> perhaps even interesting criticisms of things that we have done wrong,
> either through honest mistakes, human failings, or bad policy.  Such
> critics might be hard to listen to, but traditionally we have been quite
> good at doing so, and I am always one of the first to say that we should
> try to listen to all criticism for nuggets of wisdom.
> But those who are potentially legitimate critics do themselves a serious
> disservice by participating in a forum with people who are, quite
> simply, mental cases, and who discredit the entire operation with what
> can only be classified as offensive hate speech and stalking.
> --Jimbo
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