[WikiEN-l] Unblock request - Critique on administrators is no personal attack

Raphael Wegmann raphael at psi.co.at
Sun May 28 23:28:08 UTC 2006

Delirium wrote:
> Fred Bauder wrote:
>> You are right that putting insulting pictures on Wikipedia was a bad  
>> idea. Why so many of our users have a blind spot regarding this issue  
>> I don't know, but there is a consensus that the pictures ought to be  
>> shown.
> It's hardly the case that pictures insulting to Muslims are being 
> singled out for inclusion on Wikipedia.  I'm not sure if anyone still 
> remembers, but there was a bit of an uproar in the United States a few 
> years ago about anti-Christian artwork, and we have a photo of the piece 
> that triggered that uproar included in the article, [[Piss Christ]].

IMHO you are comparing apples with oranges:

Serrano, who created this photograph, considers his work religious,
not sacrilegious (or anti-Christian). He thinks, that the best place
for that image is a church and states, that it had been shown in an
actual church in Marseilles.

Do you think, that the cartoons would ever be shown in a mosque?



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