[WikiEN-l] Unblock request - Deal!

Ceyda Lacin ceyda-lacin at hotmail.com
Sun May 28 03:30:02 UTC 2006

   I would agree on that. It is OK with me to wait a few more months while 
editing on other articles and gain more experience. Please note that, none 
of my edits were out of acceptable limits. I took all my edits serious on 
Gulen talk page too, as you can easily see from quality of my edits. I 
believe this Wikipedia project can be improved further and I am ready and 
willing to offer my help.
   On the other hand, I canot accept your statements which imply that I am 
editing barely to support someone else. With my whole respect, that is not a 
kind and good statement. I am not a blind follower of someone and Dr. 
Gulerdem who is an adorable person, a gentleman with an unbelievably good 
mind did not asked me to back up him on that dispute. It is not something he 
can do, and it is not something I could agree on. He mainly introduced the 
project to me, in particular pointed out the Gulen article. I thought I can 
do something about it myself. I do not know why those people feel animosity 
towards Dr. Gulerdem (other than some ideological or religious hatred) but I 
think one should consider it as a chance for Wikipedia, if he still wants to 
continue on editing.
   Thank you for your recommendation and understanding.
   Ceyda Lacin

>Looking this over, it seems clear that the account was started on
>Wikipedia to participate in the Fethullah G?len controversy (as over
>50% of the edits are on that subject), but that the account holder is
>apparently honestly willing and interested in contributing to Wikipedia
>in other areas.  Bringing new users to Wikipedia in order to sway the
>outcome of a controversy is justly frowned upon, however, on this
>evidence alone, I would recommend an unblock if, and only if, the
>account holder agrees to avoid the Fethullah G?len controversy for a
>period of time (at least a few months, and maybe a year).
>Jesse Weinstein

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