[WikiEN-l] Death of Wikipedia

Anthony DiPierro wikilegal at inbox.org
Fri May 26 17:09:59 UTC 2006

On 5/25/06, The Cunctator <cunctator at gmail.com> wrote:
> Eh. I remember how explosively a big deal it was to lock the front page, and
> I don't remember locking being used before that. Maybe my memory's faulty,
> but I get the feeling I'm witnessing some minor rewriting (or let's just say
> "changing the emphasis") of history here.

Internet Archive shows when the main page was locked (made
"read-only").  It can't really be used to prove that nothing else was
locked before that, though (hard to prove a negative).

Of course, I think it's pretty clear that things have gotten more
locked-down over the years, regardless of whether or not things were
ever 100% completely open.


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