[WikiEN-l] Saladin1970 (new thread)

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu May 25 08:52:49 UTC 2006

Sarah wrote:

>Anyone thinking about whether the indefinite block of Abu Hamza is
>justified ought to consider (apart from the various policy violations)
>his determination to add to the introduction of [[Harold Shipman]]
>that he was a *Jewish* British serial killer. It's not just that there
>are no reliable sources for this. It's the obsession with trying to
>add an entirely non-notable reference to a person's ethnicity in order
>to make that ethnicity look bad.
It's clear from what may people have said that that he should consent 
not to edit the Shipman article.

>We regularly have anons turn up at [[Ron Karenga]], the founder of the
>African-American holiday [[Kwaanza]], who try to describe him in the
>first sentence as a "convicted felon,"
>and they do it because he's black and they're racists. That makes them
>useless Wikipedians, not because they're racist, because no one cares
>if they keep it to themselves, but because they're not willing to be
>Wikipedians. I could give scores of examples of the persistent
>addition of racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist slurs
>designed to make a person look bad, or to make Islam look terroristic
>or Judaism fascist.
I thought we were talking about ONE person here.  These wild 
generalizations say more about you than about him.

>That kind of editing is the polar opposite of what it is to be a
>Wikipedian. In Abu Hamza's case, it's compounded by the sockpuppetry
>and the deceit about it, the reverting, the bad use of sources, and so
Some of this is understandable for a newbie.  I'm sure that several have 
now made this point.  What he does with the information  in the furture 
is more important.that what he did as an ignorant newbie.

>But it's the lack of even the most basic grasp of what it is to be
>a Wikipedian that makes me support an indefinite block.
That's seems to be a personal and entirely subjective determination on 
your part.

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